MasterChef Finalists 2011

MasterChef Finalists 2011

In the war of the TV Chef’s, what are we truly hoping to see – Gordon Ramsay’s next explosion, or Nigella’s latest recipe? What about the Chef competitions, which formats do you prefer?

Would you rather watch a troop of up-and-comings be berated, sworn at and basically reduced to slathering heaps of deflated dreams; what about watching anxious, nervous and over-awed groups of cooks be encouraged, moulded and basically inspired into becoming more than they ever thought possible?

Obviously, you can discern my bias on this particular subject, but it’s not without some reason – I hope.

Okay, the most important question here is, which type of system would produce the most talented and gifted chef’s? If we compare the skills of the most recent winner from Hell’s Kitchen (starring Gordon Ramsay) to those of the winner from the last MasterChef -UK (starring John Torode & Greg Wallace), the MasterChef winner would come out on top, easily.

Don’t get me wrong, Paul Niedermann is obviously a consummate professional and it is a major achievement to survive such an intense, boot-camp like environment, but aren’t we really hoping to see flashes of pure genius?

While Hell’s Kitchen definitely makes for a dramatic contest; put side-by-side, the three finalists from MasterChef come across as the most talented new chefs I have seen to ever come out of this type of program. Not to mention the fact that Tim Anderson, the winner of MasterChef 2011, is a creative genius in the kitchen and you simply can’t doubt which format is producing the best results. So, in a contest to discover the greatest talent, MasterChef wins hands down.

On an side note, Gordon Ramsay is set to help host the new MasterChef (USA) and I am really looking forward to seeing him in a more supportive, less affected role – he really is a talent, but I could do without the screaming.

Speaking of talent, have you heard … recent efforts at drum & bass? Enjoy…