Recommended ReadingIn my travels I’ve been recommended so many books that I’ve lost count. Add to this the ones I’ve stumbled upon myself, and you’ve got yourself a fair sized library. Subsequently, I’m regularly asked what I would recommend for this, what should I read for that… You get the idea.

So, to make it available to everyone I’ve created a reading list, which you can find using the tabs at the top of the site (US Reading List & UK Reading List). If you try anything, or have already read something in the list, let us know what you thought by using the comment box below.

Also, if you know of something that should go on the list but isn’t, let me know that as well, and I’ll make sure it gets added.

Book Reviews: I’m looking for book reviews. If a book has really touched you, or moved you to action and you would like to tell the world, write up a review and we’ll see about posting it for you (with full credit to yourself, of course).